Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trip Stats - California!!!

I made it in 1 piece! Ok, so California was by far the best, and most beautiful part of the trip. Nevada was pretty but way too much desert & prisons for my liking.

Here are my final trip stats, the average speed went way down after sitting in Sacramento & San Francisco traffic. Officially I am placing my average speed @ 74.5 mph if I am allowed to correct for traffic jams =)

3,010 miles to downtown SF from Westchester, NY


Speed Week @ Bonneville Salt Flats

I have always wanted to go to the Bonneville Salt Flats and see some runs...well, I finally got the chance. It was great, a lot of nice people with a lot of very fast cars & motorcycles. I got to drive my bimmer down one of the salt flats, I wish I could've taken a shot of my speedometer as I broke 150 mph!!



Relaxing in SLC...Salt Lake City for the non-locals

Salt Lake City was very nice but way too sterile, I felt like I was in a clean room @ Intel. Really nice by Western City standards though. I equate it to Sarasota, FL in the mountains.



Utah Rocks!

Well I must say...Utah is damn gorgeous! The minute I crossed the border from Wyoming to Utah it was as if the Rockies put on their Sunday best for me. Lush gorgeous mountains & lakes. I can't wait to go skiing @ Park City next winter, best ski town EVER!




Ok, I have never seen a bug this BIG stuck to my car! I think in all I killed about 200,000 bugs on my trip but this guy won the prize


Trip Stats - Day 2

Nothing much to say about day 2 except...Holy Shit the middle of this fine country is about the most boring, flat thing possible. How the heck do people live in Nebraska...I mean c'mon people there's a whole big world out there, go explore and get the hell out of the mid-west!


I finally got excited somewhere in Wyoming when I spotted the rockies off in the distance


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trip Stats for Day 1

My average speed was actually around 75 but I took this shot after we were parked for 20 min...pretty good time. We stopped for about 40 minutes of the total time here. NYC to Chicago in under 11 hours...pretty good.


In Chicago at the end of Day 1

Went straight to Al's Italian was so good


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Route


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Tappan Zee or first fork

Should I take the Tappan Zee or go through the GW...ahh, GW, I wanna see the city as I leave to remember why I'm not staying in California.