Friday, February 17, 2012

Realize that you are the product being sold

This whole kerfuffle over mobile apps like Path & Twitter stealing contact lists is interesting both from a marketing perspective as well as an anthropological one. I say interesting from the perspective that people are up in arms about this, really?! Haven't you heard the "old" product adage that if you are not paying for a product then YOU are the product being sold. Upon installation of Path, Twitter, Facebook, etc. there is a list of items that application can access on your device. For each of these Apps your Address Book is clearly listed. Ok, so access to the Address Book is step 1, but remember you are the Product being sold so with that don't you think that by "Access" there is the implication that they can then do what they will with that information? If you think not then my friend you are too naive for this modern world we have created and you should just get it over with and move to Easter Island and unplug from the Matrix all together. These companies are out right stating "Hey we now have access to all of this stuff you agreed to, our strategic partners and I wish to thank you for all of this data that we can in turn create money from" - this is exactly what's happening and I for one could care less. Great Path now knows that my Uncle's phone number is 555-1212 and that he lives on Maple Street. I just don't care and you shouldn't either, we live in public and stop your whining, otherwise toss your new iPhone 4S into the trash as Siri screams Nooooooo! </rant>